“We know how it is to be ridiculed for being yourself.”

Tiffany Pollard really redefined what it means to be iconic, huh?

It’s been 13 years since the self-described HBIC made her reality television debut, and she is still being praised to the high heavens on social media for her legendary reads; witnessed on shows such as Flavor of Love and Celebrity Big Brother.

She set – and then raised – the bar for reality television. Facts are facts!

Now she’s back with the second instalment of her VH1 digital series Brunch with Tiffany, which sees her catch up and spill T with celebrities such as Sheryl Lee Ralph, Bob the Drag Queen, Jasmine Masters and Monét X Change.

In celebration, we caught up with Tiffany to discuss the new series, her strong connection with the LGBTQ community and her future plans to open a ministry. She also reveals the secret to delivering a perfect read…

Hi Tiffany! I can’t believe I’m talking to the HBIC. 
[Laughs] It’s me, live in the flesh!

So, I’m absolutely loving the new series of Brunch with Tiffany. Your look in the first episode, whew! 
Yes! The style team were on point. They did my hair, my suit, everything. It was perfect. That first episode was the perfect opener wasn’t it?

It was perfect. How do you decide who will have brunch with you?
Basically, with the process of the guests… I wish I could tell you I was a lot more hands on with that, but I actually wasn’t. That was left up to production, but what they did, they were really smart to get people in that had a lot of stories that were unfinished being told. A lot of the audience want to see those stories unravel and the guests are so interesting, they have a lot to say.

I love that we get to see the softer side of New York on the series.
I think right now, Brunch with Tiffany feels the right step for me and my positioning in my career. I have evolved over the years. New York will always be round the edges, but I feel like Tiffany is emerging more and I like to give both sides of me, so the guests can really see me on other ends of my life as well.

It feels like your appearance on Celebrity Big Brother was a bit of a stepping stone to Brunch with Tiffany, because you really opened on the show.
I agree with you! I love my UK fanbase, they’re amazing and I hope to have something for them very soon as well.

We need you over here, pronto. It’s been 13 years since the first season of Flavor of Love and you are still the HBIC of television – what is your secret to staying on top for so long?
I don’t understand it but I do understand it because I think that the main ingredient is being true to yourself and not worrying. A lot of people live their lives worried because they may see someone surpassing them, y’know? I run my race by keeping the blinders on, I don’t worry about what the next person is doing. I know that my situation is very unique and that my best hand will always be dealt before I leave here, so I have that kind of faith and that kind of confidence. You don’t see me sweating! I just let life unfold and it will always give me the best hand.

I think that’s why you have such a huge LGBTQ fanbase, because we relate to people – especially strong powerful women – who are unashamedly themselves.
Yes, yes. The community has always shown me love and I think that we connect on levels that are just unspoken because – and a lot of people don’t know this – I was bullied throughout high school. I have a lot of gay people that talk to me about being bullied and stuff and I get it. We connect on that level because we know how it is to be ridiculed for being yourself. You can’t apologise for being yourself because that’s all you know how to be.

People often play up for the cameras on reality television but you have always stayed true to yourself.
Definitely! Thank you so much. Those people are so wack. It’s like, ‘C’mon, don’t insult us honey! We can see that you putting it on right now for the camera! We’re not going to get in your corner.’ 

You are known for your legendary reads – how does one read someone for filth so successfully?
I think first of all, you have to confront yourself, know who you are and know your truth. If you’re violated to the degree where somebody has hurt you, basically let them know what they have done to you, and do it in a way where you’re not getting too loud that they can’t hear you, but loud enough so they can hear you. Make sure you don’t leave anything out, don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Don’t start crying! Stay in your ground, let it all out and make sure that they respect that read.

I’m taking that on board. Working at GAY TIMES, I need that advice. 
I hope to have you at one of my spiritual vitality services so I can introduce you to God – if you don’t know your creator yet! It would be a wonderful thing for you because we have to know our purpose, and this is something I’m really dreaming to do. You can trust me as the HBIC so you know I have the advice for you, and I wouldn’t give you anything I don’t believe! 

I read that your end goal overall is to start your own ministry – what could people expect from a Tiffany Pollard Sunday Service?
I’m so grateful for you highlighting that, first of all. Secondly, anyone of any race, any denomination, it doesn’t matter your background. My ministry is even for animals because it’s based in love, universal love and acceptance, and really understanding the purpose of living while we’re here and what we’re designed and created to be. That’s what my ministry will be based on.

This is what you need to bring to the UK!
[Laughs] Perfect! Okay. I will! I will honey! 

What would you call your ministry? 
Ooh! Oh my goodness. You know what? This is going to be for our next interview because I wanna think about it. I wanna give you that right name. The first one that comes to mind is ‘Solar,’ literally an illumination of light, our soul in the solar system. It’s about making a connection.

Now… we look for a venue.
You better call me with that building! I don’t believe that you gonna call me with the building! 

I’ll do my best!
Boom! It sounds like a deal and it sounds like a date. We are on.

Watch the first episode of Brunch With Tiffany season 2 below.

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