11’s, 11’s, 11’s across the board? 

Yep, we’re doing one for this too! Our list of rumoured contestants for Drag Race All Stars 4 was such a hit, that we’ve decided to scour the internet for every possible queen that may appear on the highly-anticipated eleventh regular season.

Just like our previous list, it’s completely speculative (for some queens), and is based off social media activity, cancelled gigs, leaked set photos…

Get your jush below, and let us know which queen you think is the most sickening!

A’Keria C. Davenport (30) – Garland, Texas

A’keria C. Davenport – from Garland, Texas – is a recipient of Miss Black Universe and Miss International Vogue, and boasts Armani Nicole Davenport as her drag mother and Drag Race alumni Kennedy and Sahara as her drag aunts. She refers to herself as ‘The Ruler’, so we are pretty excited to see what this queen comes up with.

Evidence: Confirmed to appear thanks to a leaked photo from Untucked.

Ariel Versace (26) – Cherry Hill, NJ

Sounds totally cliche, but if you’re a fan of drag, then Ariel Versace is a name you’ll be familiar with. The 26-year-old performer is known for her polished aesthetic, makeup tutorials on YouTube and mahoosive hair, hence her 93k Instagram followers. Can she live up to her social media presence?

Evidence: She was inactive on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for a while, and claimed to have disappeared because of a foot surgery, which we all know affects our ability to post on social media.

Brooke Lynn Hytes (32) – Nashville, Tennessee

Brooke Lynn Hytes, if cast, will be the first Canadian queen to appear on the show. The 32-year-old performer was a professional ballerina for over ten years, so expect this queen to serve in a lip-sync. Oh, and she also won the title of Miss Continental, so she’s no amateur.

Evidence: Inactive on social media during filming.

Honey Davenport (32) – New York

The drag mother of Monét X Change, and niece of both Kennedy and Sahara, Honey Davenport is a respected and revered performer in the NYC drag scene. She’s known for her high-energy lip-syncs, winning pageant after mothertucking pageant, and for acting in off-Broadway shows such as The Orion Experience and For The Love Of Honey.

Evidence: Inactive on social media during filming.

Kahanna Montrese (25) – Las Vegas, Nevada

Professional dancer and performer on the Las Vegas Strip, Kahanna is the drag daughter of season five and All Stars 2 contestant Coco Montrese, which means she’ll definitely coop, goop and gag us in a lip-sync for your life. She credits season one runner-up Nina Flowers as the reason why she started drag.

Evidence: Missed several scheduled performances.

Merecedes Iman Diamond (31) – Minneapolis

Mercedes Iman Diamond is another pageant queen, having won local competitions such as Miss Gay 90’s and Miss City of the Lakes, as well as serving as second alternate to Miss Minnesota Continental. If cast, she will be the show’s first ever Muslim contestant.

Evidence: Inactive on social media during filming and missed several scheduled performances.

Nina West (39) – Columbus, Ohio

Nina West is the definition of a drag veteran. The widely acclaimed performer is an actress, activist, performance artist and hostess, and is known for her old school camp and philanthropy. She’s raised over $2 million for charity over the years through the Nina West Fund, and won the prestigious Entertainer of the Year award in 2008.

Evidence: Reportedly quit her full time job, missed several scheduled performances, and was inactive on social media.

Plastique Tiara (21) – Southlake, Texas

With over 121k followers on Instagram, Plastique Tiara is one of the most followed non-Drag Race queens ever. Her incredible lewks, performance skills and wig-styling abilities resulted in Alyssa Edwards adopting her as part of the Haus of Edwards. We’re pretty excited about this one.

Evidence: Inactive on social media during filming, and reportedly auditioned as soon as she turned 21.

Ra’jah O’Hara (33) – Dallas, Texas

Ra’jah O’Hara is another relative of the Davenport sisterhood, with fellow season 11 rumoured queen A’keria referring to her as “big sis”. If the rumours are correct, and the Texan queen is indeed on the series, we can see her making quite the impact, considering she’s a recipient of Miss Texas FFI, which Kennedy, Alyssa and Asia O’Hara have all won.

Evidence: Inactive on social media during filming.

Scarlet Envy (26) – Brooklyn, New York

A staple in the Brooklyn drag scene, Scarlet Envy found her calling as a queen not long after she graduated from NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology. She once referred to herself as “the cheapest lady with the highest price tag”, and said she’d rather see “RuPaul’s lashes than a Kardashian’s ass”.

Evidence: Inactive on social media during filming.

Shuga Cain (40) – New York

NYC performer and triathlete Shuga Cain is a former winner of Bob the Drag Queen’s competition, Miss Look Queen. She is known in the community for her sickening live performances and colourful aesthetic. Her drag name comes from her sweet tooth, and the fact that she’s a professional baker.

Evidence: Inactive on social media during filming.

Silky Nutmeg Ganache (28) – Chicago, Illinois

Silkey Nutmeg Ganache has one of the most impressive repertoires on the list, having won the following titles: Miss Latina Continental Plus, Miss Unlimited Newcomer and Miss Gay Indiana University. She has a degree in music, so if there’s any live performance related challenges, expect this queen to scoop the win.

Evidence: Confirmed to appear thanks to a leaked photo from Untucked.

Soju (27) – Chicago, Illinois

Soju is another name you’ll recognise thanks to her hit YouTube series, Shot with Soju, which sees the Illinois queen interview several drag performers including legendary contestants from Drag Race HERstory. Fun fact: She’s a black belt in taekwondo.

Evidence: Inactive on social media during filming.

Vanessa Vanjie Mateo (26) – Tampa, Florida

Do we even need to?

Evidence: Confirmed to appear thanks to a leaked photo from Untucked.

Yvie Oddly (24) – Denver, Colorado

Yvie Oddly is known in the community for her avant-garde style of drag, irreverent sense of humour and piercing cackle. She likes to show audience members “something they may have never seen before,” so if you ever get the chance to see her perform, expect something innovative.

Evidence: Inactive on social media during filming.