Adam Ouahmane

The Vixen has announced an “extra extra special” edition of Black Girl Magic.

The highly-anticipated show will include legendary Drag Race stars Asia O’Hara, Chi Chi DeVayne, Dida Ritz, Heidi N Closet, Honey Davenport, Jasmine Masters, Mystique Summers, Ra’jah O’Hara, Trinity K. Bonet and Widow Von’Du.

It will also feature legendary entertainers such as Amber St. James, Ari Gato, Bambi Banks Coulee, Bottom Behaviour, Chanel Mercedes Benz, Cinna Marie, Domita Sanchez, Dynasty Banks, Erica Chanel, Kara Mel D’Ville and Kardi Red Diamond.

Deep breath for more sickening star power: Kenzie Coulee, Khloe Park, Kylee Ohara Fatale, Lucy Stoole, Maxi Glamour, Miss Toto, Olaysia, Onyx, Sailem, Sapphire Feliciano, Sasha Love, Savannah Westbrooke, Siichelle and Xo Carrington.

Black Girl Magic takes place 17 June at 8pm CST on Twitch. The show will be free while “tips and donations accepted”.

When The Vixen spoke to Shea Couleé for GAY TIMES in 2018, she said Black Girl Magic came to fruition after she attended Dida Ritz’s birthday with “all of the Black drag queens” from RuPaul’s Drag Race.

“That really sparked the idea in all of us that we wanted to work together. So when Shea got back from Drag Race, I ran up to her and said, ‘I’ve got this show, Black Girl Magic, I really need you to be a part of it!'” she explained.

“You hopped right in there, and we gave some legendary performances that really spoke to our community and was eye opening for the white people in our community, and made us feel appreciated in a new way.

“It’s now a monthly show in Chicago, and it’s inspiring more shows that focus on people of colour all around the country.”

You can read The Vixen’s interview with Shea Couleé in full here.