Marvel Studios’ president confirmed plans for more LGBTQ representation in the MCU.

In a press interview for The Playlist, Kevin Feige said the franchise is set to introduce two LGBTQ characters, with one being an established character, and the other being an entirely new hero.

The established hero is most likely Tessa Thompson’s breakout character, Valkryie, from last year’s critically-acclaimed blockbuster, Thor: Ragnarok.

Thompson revealed last November that she filmed a scene confirming her character’s bisexuality.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Thompson explained that she filmed a scene where a woman walks out of Valkyrie’s bedroom, heavily suggesting that they had been intimate with each other.

The moment was ultimately cut from the film as it “distracted from the scene’s vital exposition.”

Feige has previously said the MCU will feature an LGBTQ character by 2025, and Guardians of the Galaxy’s director James Gunn suggested “there are probably gay characters in the Marvel universe”.

Fox beat the MCU to the punch last month, when Deadpool 2 became the first major superhero film to feature an LGBTQ romance.

GLAAD called the storyline “groundbreaking” and a “first-of-its-kind moment in a wide release superhero film.”

Earlier this year, we compiled a list of 13 LGBTQ characters we’d love to see in the MCU. Check it out, and let us know if you agree with our picks!

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