The casting call has been hailed by some as “revolutionary.”

Back in February, plenty of details about the upcoming sequel series to The L Word was announced. But now, a new casting call is having this sequel hailed as “revolutionary.”

The casting call is looking for trans male actors to play a trans male role. The original series of The L Word featured a transgender man, Max Sweeney, however there was criticism as the role went to a cis woman.

In the casting call, it says: “Casting for The L Word is seeking two trans men to fill roles in the upcoming revival of the series shooting in Los Angeles.”

In small descriptions of the roles, one says: “Trans male, 30s-50s, any ethnicity. Many years into his transition, he is precise and proper, but not without a sense of humor.”

The second description reads: “Trans male, 30s, Asian. Energetic and bright, with an athletic, masculine build. This role requires nudity and simulated sex.”

Applications for the roles will close on 10 May. And as the actors are required to be available from July to October, it is likely this is when the eight-episode run of the series will be filming.

Although new LGBTQ women will be featured in the series, we already know that the series’ original stars, Jennifer Beals (Bette), Katherine Moenig (Shane) and Leisha Hailey (Alice) will reprise their roles and executive produce.

The call was praised by many, especially trans men. One wrote: “I am glad there will be actual transmen in the show. I look forward to it. There’s so little transmen in media to relate to and I often feel invisible because of it. Transmen are often left out of the narrative.”

Another wrote: “as a transman this is kind of revolutionary. i always felt like i 110% didnt belong anywhere near lesbians bc its so easy for people to see me as one in those spaces when im just a trans dude.”