Fans of Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina rejoice a brand new series is on its way.

Series creator Robert Aguirre-Sacasa announced that Sabrina and the gang are headed back to Greendale in the new comic, The Occult World of Sabrina. 

Last year, fans of the show were disappointed to learn that ‘part four’ would be the series’ last. 

The news spawned a petition on asking Netflix to renew the show for another season.

The story is set to pick up after the jaw-dropping series finale that featured the death of our beloved titular character and her boyfriend Nicholas Scratch 

In an interview with Deadline, Aguirre-Sacasa gave a sneak peek at what fans can expect from the series. 

“When we start that [The Occult World of Sabrina], it’s exactly as it ended in the Netflix series with Sabrina and Nick in the sweet hereafter and her family and friends are in Greendale are trying to live in a world without Sabrina,” he explained.

“In fact, that’s the name of the first story arc: World Without Sabrina. We’ll see how her loved ones have been doing since Sabrina sacrificed herself. The first thing Zelda does is recruit a team of their family and friends and go into the underworld to bring Sabrina back to life.”

Aguirre-Sacasa also discussed the possibility of a new live-action series or movie, saying that he’s “always thinking in those ways.” 

“My plans are to work on the comics and build up the library with the hopes that one day we can do a stand-alone movie or hopefully bring back the series,” he explained. 


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But that’s not all Sabrina fans: the original Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comics will also be making a grand return to shelves. 

The popular series is set to take place where the last issue left off. Sabrina’s boyfriend Harvey was murdered by the coven, which results in the teenage witch resurrecting him. 

But the ceremony was tampered with by the spiteful Madame Satan, and instead of Harvey’s soul coming back, Sabrina’s evil father is put in his body instead. 

The story will then follow her father attempting to get revenge on Aunt Zelda and Aunt Hilda while Sabrina prepares for the ominous Witch War. 

If you’re hoping the two series will cross over, Aguirre-Sacasa encourages fans to hold off on that notion… for now. 

“We’re saying we’re launching with these two comic book titles almost as if there’s this Sabrina multiverse where there are multiple versions of these characters,” he said. 

“I will say we have talked about them crossing over and of course, we always have the option to bring the kids from Riverdale.

“We’re going to finish the war in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and finish the World Without Sabrina storyline in the Occult World of Sabrina and there isn’t going to be any crossover. But I wouldn’t be surprised if we do a big crossover in the near future.” 

Get your spell books ready, the witch is back!


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