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Louise Redknapp and Kéllé Bryan have pulled out of Eternal’s reunion tour due to an alleged difference in views on transgender rights.

In a statement to the BBC, Redknapp’s publicist confirmed the speculation and noted “Louise is a huge supporter and ally of the LGBTQ+ community and both herself and Kéllé told the duo they would not work with anyone who held these views, and as such the reunion as a four would not be going ahead.”

In light of the announcement Louise took to Twitter, writing “Always & Forever” under an image of a trans-inclusive Pride flag. One fan commented: “A true ally! We love you both.”

Bryan, in response to the announcement, posted a statement that further bolstered support noting: “My stance and allegiances have always been that I am an advocate for the inclusion and equality for all.”

One fan wrote that Louise is “being really courageous” with her support of trans people: “She knows that the LGBT+ community, and transgender people in particular, are being exposed to levels of bigotry and persecution not seen for years, and, as a gay guy, I’m extremely thankful for her support.”

In response to this another user highlighted: “Good for her. I’m a cis-het ally, and we need more of us to speak up in support of people who are under constant attack.”

“Louise has chosen to get uncomfortable. And to be diminished financially in the short term. All in the name of true allyship. We need more of these allies please,” a further supporter tweeted.

The British 90’s girl band, well known for their hits ‘Stay’ and ‘I Wanna Be The Only One’, were due to reunite next year.

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Since the public announcement of the duo pulling out of the tour, Redknapp has been accused by Eternal’s former manager Dennis Ingoldsby of trying to “throw her bandmates under a bus.”

Ingoldsby cited that the Bennet sisters are “devastated” by the accusation, in a defence of the two sisters to the Mirror. He also claims that “there were no confirmed, or contracted dates, in place for the reunion.”

“The girls sent an email to Louise’s camp saying they loved playing Pride, and they loved the ethos of the event,” he said.

“For her camp to go on the record suggesting they are homophobic is utterly outrageous. This is nothing about gay rights. The girls have played numerous LGBTQI venues their entire careers and have been inspired by the love and acceptance they have received.

“This is about the debate about the trans lobby and the erosion of the rights of women and children. Vernie said she had some concerns about the Pride movement being hijacked – and she is not alone – but this has now been weaponised against her, with Louise’s team trying to get her cancelled.

“The fact that the public statements by Louise’s team conveniently failed to acknowledge these concerns…once again shows how women are being excluded from the conversation.”

Redknapp’s team have since come back to refute Ingoldsby’s claims and continue to uphold their decision to go public.

Simon Jones, Louise’s publicist, said Ingoldsby “was not involved in the discussions about the Eternal reunion including all four members over the last two years.

“Easther and Vernie can try and dress this up however they wish. The fact remains that the duo said they would only do the Eternal reunion if no Pride or LGBTQ+ festivals were included.

“Louise would obviously not agree to excluding the LGBTQ+ community from their touring plans. We as a team absolutely do not agree with dividing the LGBTQ+ community or excluding trans people.”