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Stewie Griffin made a shocking confession in the latest episode of Family Guy, but it wasn’t totally what fans were expecting.

In the landmark episode – titled Send in Stewie, Please – Ian McKellen voiced his psychologist, as the one-year-old cartoon character came to terms with his sexuality.

“I only pushed Tyler down the stairs because I like him and I’m afraid he won’t like me back,” Stewie told Dr. Pritchfield. “And not like him, like him. I’m not gay. This whole thing isn’t because I’m gay so calm down, I can already see you licking your chops. I’m sure you live for the ‘coming out’ sessions.

“If anything I’m less gay than I used to be. Not that anybody at this school would care. But do I think Grant Gustin and I would make the most adorable Instagram couple? Yes, yes we would.”

He added: “Grant Gustin plays The Flash on The CW if you were wondering because, you know most people over 70 probably don’t know who he is. Think young Anthony Perkins.”

But Stewie didn’t stop there.

“Anyway, fluid is something I hear being tossed around,” he said. “But I’m confident in my heterosexuality. That’s a word, right?”

Dr. Pritchfield cofirmed that it was, and Stewie replied, “Okay. It just sounded strange for a second.”

So, by the end of the episode fans were none-the-wiser when it comes to Stewie’s sexuality. So what was the big reveal?

It turns out that Stewie’s Bristish accent isn’t his real voice.

For the first time ever, viewers got to hear the real Stewie, whose voice is much more in line with the rest of his family.

“It wasn’t anything that was planned at all in any form,” Gary Janetti, who wrote the episode, told The Daily Beast.

As for addressing Stewie’s sexuality, Janetti explained that the episode marks an important moment in a longer journey for the young character.

“Stewie’s extremely intelligent. When he walks into the room, within a second he identifies that therapist as gay,” Janetti said.

“And the way he acknowledges that is when he says to him that this isn’t a coming out session and I’m sure you lick your chomps every time you get one of those.

“I’m not being defensive, but… I think he’s seeing an opportunity to say, ‘This isn’t easy. What you think this is going to be, it’s not. It’s not as actualized.'”