Details are slim, but we’re still going to be after press passes…

Back in November, after years of speculation, a brief period when it looked like Spice Girls GEM was going to be a thing, and about thirteen zillion interview appearances from Mel B promising an announcement “soon”, it was finally confirmed that the Spice Girls were reuniting, just without Victoria Beckham.

In a Breaking Spice News broadcast on social media, the four Spices – Baby, Ginger, Scary and Sporty – confirmed six headline dates in stadiums across the UK.

The run will include a huge show at London’s iconic Wembley Stadium on 15 June.

However, according to the girls’ manager, Simon Fuller, a tour isn’t all we’re getting. Speaking about the fan reaction to the tour announcement, Fuller said in an interview with Billboard that he “expected” the demand for their reunion tour.

“To be honest with you, while it was clearly phenomenal, they are such an awesome phenomenon I expected it,” he said. “The last tour we did seven or eight years ago the demand was equal, if not maybe even more. It’s a global phenomenon.”

“They’re more timely now than ever and it’s fantastic. I’m so happy for the girls. They deserve it.”

And that’s not all what Fuller said, as he added: “What’s coming next is that we are going to be doing lots of exciting things. We’ll be making an animated movie and there’s lots of exciting plans to come.”

And earlier this week, Melanie C told Glyn Fussell on his new BBC Radio 1 podcast Drag Queen’s Den that she is hoping to see plenty of fans dragged up as them.

“I have met some incredible Spice Drag acts,” she said. “Back in the day in the late 90s, everyone would turn up to the shows dressed as us.

“In the UK it was just the kids, but in the US all the grown ups did it too. When we get back out on the road next year I hope we’re going to see a lot more of that.”