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Although Sederginne boasted one of the best runs on Drag Race Holland, with four consecutive high placements, and praise from the judging panel for her eccentric character and ingenious runway looks, the queen was controversially told to sashay away from the competition in week five. For their fifth maxi-challenge, the top six donned new aesthetics for the series’ first ever edition of Snatch Game, and pranced down the runway as ‘half man, half queen’.

Sederginne’s performance as fan-favourite children’s superhero Mega Mindy was met with mixed critiques, while her Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog-inspired look was read for filth. After battling to Girl by Anouk – which Sederginne describes as a song “not made for drag” – she was sent packin’ by her frenemy, Miss Abby OMG. Following her exit, we spoke with Sederginne about her elimination, how she feels about the judges’ critiques and who she wants to take home the crown.

Condragulations Sederginne for making it onto the first season of Drag Race Holland!
Thank you so much! I’m so happy that I got the chance to be the first Belgian drag queen ever on Drag Race. That was a big honour for me to be there and show the world.

How has it been for you navigating this journey on Drag Race Holland during a pandemic?
It’s a rollercoaster of everything! A rollercoaster of emotions. I was able to learn about a lot of things. This was my first television programme ever. I’ve done some small things in the past, but this is like a real reality show that is viewed all over the world. So, this was a big opportunity as an artist to join a contest like Drag Race. I’m also such a big fan already. Lots of people think we don’t know each other, because in America they all come from across the country. For us, we walked into the workroom and saw our good friends, which makes it more intense because you’re competing against maybe one of your best friends or colleagues.

Who were you closest with before sashaying into the workroom?
Janey Jacké. She’s a very good friend of mine and we used to work together in Mykonos. They would choose two groups to do a challenge and they would always make sure we were not together!

Although you’ve left much sooner than anticipated, you’ve done incredibly well on the series. You were high on the first four episodes!
I gave 100%, and then this episode I chose to show up in half drag and half boy, because I’m a drag queen and I wanted to try something out of the box. It didn’t turn out very well but I’m still very proud of what I did on the runway. I’m very proud of what I did in general on Drag Race. I’m so sad that I didn’t make it two more episodes or even the finale, but it is what is, you know? Being on the top four times and then going off is like an explosion going off in your face and you’re like, ‘Why?! Oh my god.’

I was very shocked to see you go this week. How did you feel after your elimination?
I’m not a hateful person. The judges gave critiques and thought my costume wasn’t really the best, and it’s true. It’s just crazy because I worked in my workspace at home on the costumes for so many hours. When they called my name to sashay away, I was just broken. You could hear that in the words I said when I left the runway because I was just empty. Then I wrote under the mirror ‘what a party,’ and that’s exactly what it was. What a party, what a ride! It was amazing! The one thing I would like to ask the judges is: when was the last time you saw a drag show? I think that answer would be very shocking.

Do you not agree with some of the judge’s critiques?
Well, I do agree with what they said to me, but I wish they would have given me as many chances as they did to Miss Abby OMG, for instance. She has been in the bottom forever and they gave her a lot of chances. I gave a performance, let’s forget how I’m dressed. She filled out the runway and that worked better for the judges, but I was using the whole fucking stage, running my ass off and giving the performance of my life. I’m not sure if you know Girl but it’s not the best song to perform.

Were you surprised when Fred said he wasn’t impressed with the lip sync?
It wasn’t the best lip sync, but it also wasn’t the best number to perform as well. There is a reason why the singer of that song isn’t singing that song anymore. The song isn’t made for drag.

On the main stage, you said you weren’t happy with the maxi-challenge winner…
Oh I don’t know. I don’t know what was going on in the judge’s minds, but I think Ma’Ma Queen and ChelseaBoy were more out of the box with the runway. We’ve seen it before, half boy and half drag. Those two really worked on giving something else, so that’s why I chose Mama Queen or ChelseaBoy to win. Showing up as half boy and half drag is very easy.

Was your Drag Race experience everything you expected it to be?
Yes. I expected it to be an emotional rollercoaster of everything, but then things happen and get into your mind. But also very good things, like all the things I’ve learned, all the things I’ve done, working in television, and so many people on a set – I think there were almost 17 people on the set. After all of those weeks being there, I need to go to rehab from working and the food and drink and being asked if I’m okay 10 times a day! I need all those staff in my house.

Was there anything that didn’t make the edit that you wish viewers could have seen?
Yes! I mean, I’m not a television major. I’m not. So, I don’t know how to make good television and I think they do the best they can. You know, there is a very, very short time. We finished at the end of August, I think, then there were only one or two weeks to edit the episode. I think if it was done like the American version where it’s almost a year and in between, it would look different, but this is what it is. I’m very happy in my episodes. They don’t bring anyone down.

You said you don’t know how to make good television, but I have to disagree with you there because you gave us some great television.
Thank you so much. I was so worried because it’s such a long day of filming. I was always worried when I got back to my hotel – when I was locked up in my room –  I was like, ‘Oh my god, what did I do? What did I say to Abby?’

What is your relationship like with Abby now?
It’s alright. We’re sisters, and I said that on my Instagram as well. Sister love comes with ups and downs and she has a very Brazilian temperament. She’s fire and I love that. You have to learn how to read each other. I learned how to read Abby. If I wanna fuck her up before she goes on the stage, I know what to say now!

Out of your five remaining sisters, who would you like to take home the crown?
Janey Jacké, because for me she is spunky, she’s beautiful, she knows how to act and react. She’s so straightforward and that’s what I like in people. She says what she thinks and sometimes it might be wrong, but most of the time what she’s saying is right. I think she would werk werk werk as Drag Holland’s First Drag Superstar.

Drag Race Holland continues weekly on Thursdays at 11pm on WOW Presents Plus, for more information visit WOW Presents Plus.