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And no, it’s not the one we’ve been waiting for…

Ever since the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, fans have been calling for a gay romance between Stormtrooper Finn, and Resistance pilot Po Dameron. And although producers ruled out the possibility of a romance between the pair in The Last Jedi, it seems that they did decide to put in a different gay couple.

And as it turns out, the secret couple in question are something else that Star Wars fans have been freaking out over: the adorable Porgs.

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Twitter user ikolism uploaded a gif showing two male Porgs nuzzling each other. They then explained: “Only male porgs have orange plumage around their eyes, and both snuggling porgs have those markings.”

A quick cursory glance on Wookieepedia – which is the Star Wars version of Wikipedia – confirms this, saying that males are “slightly larger than females, and males also had orange plumage around the eyes.”

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And for anyone who believed that this could have been a simple oversight, ikolism was able to counter that with an image of a heterosexual Porg couple from an official Star Wars app.

Although the Porgs may not have been the gay couple we were hoping for, we are all for it!

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