Mark Patton said the film’s homoerotic themes got him typecast.

Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street, a documentary set to explore the impact that the film’s homoerotic themes had on the career of lead actor Mark Patton, has been given a premiere date of 3 March 2020.

Despite not featuring any openly gay characters, Freddy’s Revenge is one of the campest horror films in history; featuring scenes in leather bars, locker rooms and sweaty shirtless men trying to escape the wrath of Freddy’s perfectly manicured talons.

A synopsis for the documentary on the film’s official website reads: “Scream Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street sets the records straight about the controversial sequel to A Nightmare on Elm Street, which ended Mark Patton’s acting career, just as it was about to begin.

“Scream Queen follows Patton as he travels to horror conventions across the U.S.

“Each new city unwraps a chapter from his life that is met with equal parts joyful and bittersweet detail, as he attempts to make peace with his past and embrace his legacy as cinema’s first male ‘scream queen.’

“Scream Queen also finds Patton confronting Freddy’s Revenge cast and crew for the first time, including co-stars Robert Rusler, Kim Myers and Clu Gulager, as well as Freddy Krueger himself, Robert Englund.”

Mark Patton has said in the past that although he wasn’t openly gay at the time, producers of the film knew he was, and this was part of the reason that was a homoerotic undertone in Freddy’s Revenge.

In interviews, the actor has said that the film’s undertones, and his playing of a gay character in Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean led to him being typecast, and subsequently led to him leaving the acting industry.

In a 2010 interview with, the film’s writer, David Chaskin confirmed that the film’s homoerotic undertones were intentional.

Watch a trailer for the documentary below: