Pussy Cat for Drag Race UK season 2?

The Drag Race UK premiere has been making its mothertucking mark on social media since it aired last night, particularly because of the contestants’ crass British sense of humour and the sickening Queen Elizabeth-inspired runways.

One queen that garnered significant attention from fans on social media was 19-year-old Wiltshire born performer Scaredy Kat. After she sashayed into the werkroom, she left her fellow competitors gagged by revealing she has a drag queen girlfriend.

When we spoke to the star for our exclusive Drag Race UK photoshoot (read our interviews with all ten queens here), she said she’s bisexual and wants to subvert expectations of contemporary drag performers.

“I’m not gay, you don’t have to be the stereotypical thing that you expect drag queens to be,” she told us. “I think some people will love it and I think some people will hate it, and some people won’t care. I feel like there will be varied reactions.”


Scaredy’s girlfriend is a female drag queen called Pussy Cat, and she taught her everything she knows from painting a mug, to styling a wig to crafting DIY-esque lewks. “We’re a couple and because we’re both bi, we just love people,” she continued.

“I just want to show that you can be comfortable in your femininity and artistic creativity.”

Will Pussy Cat ever appear on Drag Race UK? Probably not, according to Scaredy. When we asked if her partner applied for the show too, she admitted: “No, she didn’t. I don’t think she’d fair very well, doesn’t like that kind of thing, she’d freak out!” 

Drag Race UK airs every Thursday on BBC Three. The first episode is now available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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