Sasha Velour continues to be the lip sync queen.

The Drag Race champion sat down with Lorraine Kelly to talk about their show Smoke & Mirrors, that iconic wig reveal – “I was in my own living room and I stood up and cheered,” said Lorraine – and how drag is changing minds.

“People love drag over here [in the UK], and all over the world really. I think it speaks to a need to have joy and love and open-mindedness in the world,” they said.

“I think if I had seen queer people, trans people, non-binary people like myself on TV, living their best lives and having success, it would have helped me feel like I was normal a lot earlier, it makes all the difference in the world.”

It didn’t take long for Lorraine to ask the really important question though – could the pair have a lip sync battle to Whitney Houston’s How Will I Know?

“Now look, this is probably very foolish of me, but I feel as though we need to have a lip sync battle, and I’ve got a feeling who’s going to win,” Lorraine joked.

Watch the moment here or below.