The first trailer for Run has been released.

The upcoming horror-thriller stars American Horror Story alum Sarah Paulson as an overbearing mother caring for her 17-year-old disabled daughter (played by newcomer Kiera Allen) by keeping her isolated.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Allen said the film is historic because it “will be the first studio movie ever starring a wheelchair user, and just to be part of a historical moment like that is really, really exciting.”

Allen added that she was excited to play a character that isn’t defined by their disability.

“It was written so richly, and with such specificity and detail, which really gave me a lot to play with,” she explained. “But I never felt like he was casting just to be inclusive, I really felt like it was a collaboration.”

Run is directed by Aneesh Chaganty, who write the script alongside Sev Ohanian. Chaganty is best-known for his work on the 2018 critically-acclaimed mystery film Searching, which starred John Cho.

The film will be distributed by Lionsgate Pictures and released in cinemas on 8 May 2020 – watch the terrifying trailer below.