It’s the news fans have been waiting for.

American Horror Story viewers were left disappointed when neither Sarah Paulson or Evan Peters made an appearance in season 9 of American Horror Story last year, with both actors taking a break to focus on other projects.

But now we know at least one of them will be making a welcome return to the hit anthology horror series, as Emmy-winner Sarah has confirmed in a new interview with Deadline that she’ll be coming back for season 10.

“I did ask Ryan if the question was asked to me, could I say that I was coming back, and he said ‘yes you could say’. So, yes I will be back on American Horror Story,” she revealed.

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Sarah didn’t have information on which character she will be playing or what the theme of season 10 will be, but when asked if she will be a series regular she replied, “I should hope so,” and said “God willing” she will be back for more seasons too.

Elsewhere, it’s been announced that American Horror Story has been renewed for three more seasons by FX, meaning we’re guaranteed to have at least 13 seasons before the show bows out.

Considering the number 13 holds significance in the horror genre, FX networks chairman John Landgraf has teased to Deadline that the show “could” potentially end after its 13th season – although he wouldn’t confirm anything.

“It will be poetic, won’t it, if it ends after 13 seasons?” he said.

“It could be one of those weird things where we keep going, and it ends up being 20 seasons, I don’t know. I can just tell you that if it ends up being 13, that’s kind of awesome.”

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