Maddie West

Hinge, what are you doing baby?

During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live! the singer-songwriter opened up about their relationship status, revealing that they’re “on the frontline with all the single people.” 

Smith was asked about the status of their dating life from a viewer in which host Andy Cohen asked them if they ever took up Tinder. 

“Andy I took your advice and I joined this dating site called Hinge in the UK – I don’t know if you have it there – and they chucked me off after one night because they thought I was a catfish pretending to be me,” they say. 

Even though they’ve faced a roadblock in the dating world, Smith isn’t letting Hinge get the best of them. Later in the interview, the Dancing With A Stranger singer revealed that they’ll “Do Tinder.”    

Before ending the interview Cohen brought back Niel – the viewer who asked the dating question – , stating: “Hold on, let me just back up, because that audience member that just asked Sam the question was very cute.” 

The two briefly chatted about Niel’s location, the Rock in Roll Hall of Fame in Ohio, and if there was a potential of a first date on the horizon. 

“Amazing. I mean after COVID lets do this,” Smith says. 

Shortly after the episode aired, Hinge reached out to Smith via Twitter and asked for a second chance, stating: “Sorry @SamSmith! We know you’re too good at goodbyes but give us a second chance at finding you (+ @Andy) someone special. We will verify your profile.” 

Music wise Sam Smith is gearing up for the release of their third album Love Goes which is set to drop later this month.

We want to see Sam Smith win at love so bad!