“Donald Trump showed us who he was some years ago”

Sadiq Khan has opened up Donald Trump, his conservative views on LGBTQ+ rights and more in an interview with James O’Brien.

The Mayor of London shared a clip of the interview via Twitter stating: “As @DrMayaAngelou said: ‘When somebody shows us who they believe them the first time.

“Donald Trump showed us who he was some years ago – with his deplorable views on race, women, LGBTQ+ rights & much more – and I’m proud to have called him on it.”

In the interview, the two also discuss the people who embraced Trump, even with his conservative viewpoints.

“I hope those people that ran headlong into this, will have periods of reflection on their behaviour. Yes, of course, we should be courteous to elected leaders across the globe.

“I’ve always said though, that the bar is much higher when it’s your best mate. The special relationship, in my view, gives us the responsibility to be straight with people who we disagree with,” he says.

Khan then went on to bring up Theresa May and Boris Johnson and their acceptance of Trump, stating: “I never understood why Theresa May, Boris Johnson and many, many others, who should have known better, ran into his arms.”

“We were concerned for some time, those of us who saw him for who he was, who were, by the way, criticised. You and I both faced massive criticism and still do today about what we said, whether in fact, they rue the fact and whether this is simply inevitable because we saw three, four years ago the guy he was.” he continued.

Trump and his supporters have faced worldwide criticism for they breached the US capitol in an attempted coup on 6 January.

While Congress was certifying the electoral college votes, Trump supporters stormed the building resulting in four people dying.