Writing in The Guardian, Tovey explained why his relationship works so well, and how he felt when he first had sex.

Tovey opened up being a “worrier”, something that he said he got from his mother, and said that that was why his relationship with the rugby player, Steve Brockman, worked so well.

“I’m definitely a worrier, I get it from my mum. She has always gone from zero to panic in seconds,” he said. “I’ll be flapping about and Steve, my fiancé, will say: ‘Chill out, give it 10 minutes.’ I can’t be with someone who is like me; I need a calming influence in a partner. I couldn’t be with another performer – I can’t have that anxiety.”

Because of much he worries, Tovey said that he “panicked” when he first had sex. “I used to always feel like everything was happening a bit too quickly; when I passed my driving test or started having sex I panicked because I didn’t feel old enough.

“I’ve always been someone who feels like they need to catch up or pretend to be ready for these things, but in my head I’m not, I’m thinking: ‘Get out of the car and stop having sex!’”

“Now I feel like I can legit do sex and do driving – I’ve caught up with it. I’m finally ready at 36,” he added.

He also spoke about living in New York, saying: “One thing I notice about living in New York is the positive mentality. If you want to do something, someone will say: ‘Oh cool, let’s make this happen.’

“I like to try all the classes, like Barry’s Bootcamp and SoulCycle. I was going to have a go at cryotherapy, where you stand in a pod and you go like -1,000C for three minutes and it reactivates your enzymes.”

Last month, Russell Tovey announced that he and Brockman were engaged. The 36-year-old, who has starred in the TV shows Being Human and Looking, confirmed the ‘unexpected’ news to Digital Spy, suggesting that Steve was the one who proposed.

“Completely unexpected but very very happy and looking forward to having a proper party to celebrate when back in London,” he said.