Season nine contestants Shea Coulee and Farrah Moan were called “slut”, “faggot” and “walking STD’s” by a group of unidentified females after their show.

The homophobic attack occurred in a Newcastle kebab shop, and a clip – filmed on Snapchat – has emerged from the “greasy” abuser’s phone.

It shows a sassy-as-f**k and unbothered Farrah Moan remaining as faaabulous as ever while the loud-mouth girl shouts tired, unoriginal insults. Farrah then reads her for filth when she claps back: “We’re touring the world being gay while you’re living in Newcastle with your crusty ass eyelashes”.

Shea and others erupt in laughter – just like we did – but the abuse escalates from there, and the girl tries to touch Farrah.

Watch the clip below.

Shortly after, Farrah recalled the events on Twitter, where she described the “lil girl” as “white girl wasted”.

“I didn’t maintain my classiness to well in the video,” said Farrah. “I was drunk as hell and some lil girl came up to Shea and I with her phone calling us faggots, walking stds cuz my hair was pink and I guess she was white girl wasted.”

She continued: “I got thousands of death threats after drag race so I think these homophobic assholes will be fine lol let’s not sympathize w/abusers.”

Farrah also wanted fans to know that despite the attack, she and Shea loved their time in Newcastle.

“So I didnt wanna bring attention to the negativity that happened to me and shea last night in Newcastle at a kebab shop but the vid is spreading,” she said. “No need to apologize on behalf of the city- our show was amazing and theres homophobic twats all over the world. Love you guys!”

Let’s all send some love to our season nine ladies, and can we get a mother-tucking amen for how ah-mah-zeng they look in the below photo? Yaaaaas queens!

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