Did she really visit her mom? Or did she finally snatch that All Stars crown?

RuPaul’s Drag Race star Manila Luzon blessed thousands of fans over this past weekend with an appearance at the second annual DragWorld UK, and provided us with some of her most sickening and gag-worthy lewks ever (see below). Honestly, we were slain.

We grabbed a moment with the American performer and attempted to extract some information about where she’s been this summer, because – if Reddit rumours are true (and they usually are) – then Manila has been cast on All Stars 4.

These past few months, she’s had no gigs, cancelled a show and posted generic Instagram posts, so fans have assumed that her social media had been taken over by her husband.

Oh, and to add fuel to the fire: Phi Phi O’Hara confirmed previous All Stars contestants were brought back for the highly-anticipated fourth season, which has never been done before.

Ever since her All Stars 1 experience, fans have campaigned for another comeback for Manila, due to the fact that she was completely robbed the first time around. That’s not an opinion by the way, that is a cold hard mothertucking fact.


So of course, we had to ask what she’s been up to this summer. Manila told us: “I went to go visit my mom. I went on a vacation. And… I lost my phone.” Fishy, eh?

When asked if she would ever reappear on All Stars – and what she would do differently – she admitted: “Yeah, I would definitely be on RuPaul’s… I mean, I never turn down a job. That’s why I’m fucking here.

“What would I do differently? Win? That’s what I would do differently.”

We also asked Manila and six other Drag Race queens what they thought of Pearl’s “heartbreaking” encounter with RuPaul.

“I heard about it but I haven’t seen it so I don’t really have a full comment,” Manila said.

“But from when the cameras were rolling, I did notice that Pearl had a bit of an attitude towards Ru, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Ru gave her a bit of attitude back. I mean, it is her show, and she is RuPaul after all, right?”

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