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Is Riverdale’s Kevin Keller a top or a bottom?

It might not be the most pressing question in the Riverdale universe – where masked killers and conversion therapy terrorises the neighbourhood – but we’d be lying if we said we hadn’t thought about it once… or twice… or thrice.

And it seems we’re not the only ones curious, as the hosts of fan podcast Riverdish took their chance to ask the actor himself, Casey Cott, when they got him as a guest on their latest episode.

“We can edit this out, but do you think Kevin is a top or a bottom?” the hosts asked.

“We’ve talked a lot about this,” Casey replied. “As in, like, I’ve been sitting here for four hours and I look over at Cole [Sprouse] and I go, ‘What do you think?’ [But] I don’t know, I don’t know how that works! Is there such a thing as a hybrid?”

“Yeah, you can be versatile,” the hosts explained, which pretty much answers the question.

“I think Kevin is a sweet guy,” Casey continued. “I think he’d have to be dating someone really intensely to sleep with them.”

When reminded that Kevin went cruising in the woods earlier in season two, Casey explained: “He’s cruising, but you don’t see him do anything more than making out.

“Whatever he is, I feel like Kevin knows what he wants but he’s playing the game. I think the cruising was sexual but was more-so [about him being] lonely. I think he was just lonely.”

That wasn’t the only interesting question, as Casey was also challenged to decide which of his three on-screen love interests so far – Joaquin, Moose or Fangs – he would want to fuck, marry, or kill.

“Oh god, I don’t know if I’m allowed to play this! I’d probably have to kill Joaquin because he’s like a convicted felon… but some people would want to sleep with that!”

“I think everyone’s rooting for Moose, so we’ll see what happens, but Fangs is there, and Joaquin might come back… we’ll see!”

When asked if there are poppers in Riverdale – which is something we can honestly say we’ve never thought about before – Casey responded: “I’m sure Kevin’s got them somewhere around. I’m sure he does.”

We’re waiting on that fanfiction in five, four, three, two, one…

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