We’ve got to be honest, when we heard the name “An Evening Of Meat”, we thought it would simply be a night of tasting differently prepared meats from around the world. Nothing more, nothing less. How wrong we were.

Hosted in The Vaults, London’s home for immersive theatre, the evening was easily one of the most enthralling dining experiences we’ve had in a while!

We’ll get to the food in a second – let’s talk about the performers for a bit.

We walked in and took our seats. In front of us were the usual dining table accoutrements but unusually, there was a body in front of us. A performer, on her knees and folded over as though in foetal position. We looked around and quickly noticed that this was the case on every corner of the horseshoe formation that the tables had been arranged in.

As the evening progressed, you saw these performers go through the many emotions that largely shape human emotional development. Wildness being tamed, weakness turning to frustration and then to anger; and finally, mastering these emotions to rise up and take control of oneself totally. It was a truly empowering and fascinating evening!


We know you want it so let’s talk about the food, hon!

It was a beautifully put-together six-course tasting menu in which meat made a feature every time.

From the starter of chicken liver in  a savoury cone with spiced beetroot glaze and walnut crumb, right down to the dessert – 70% Guanaja chocolate and olive oil ganache with sesame ash, coconut bacon flakes and vanilla smoked salt, flavours married beautifully and each course was memorable and delicious in its own right.

The dessert was an absolute treat and presented in such an interesting way!

Don’t worry though, if you’re not a meat eater and still want to witness this incredible night or performance and food, there are vegetarian options as well.

The performances run until June 2nd so get your tickets now!