Randy Rainbow proves yet again why he’s the master of political parody.

There are many ways to protest against Donald Trump’s homophobic, racist and misogynistic administration, and Randy Rainbow has perfected the art of protest through song.

In his latest song, a parody of the Major-General’s Song from The Pirates of Penzance, Randy, appropriately dressed as a military general, tears Trump apart over his stable genius claims, his closeness with Vladimir Putin and the time that he misspelled his own wife’s name on Twitter.

One of Randy’s most genius lines from this song include: “When people are in need he is the best at making fun of them / He knows eleven words although he can’t spell even one of them.”

And Randy doesn’t hold back when it comes to Trump’s family or his relationship with Vladimir Putin, singing: “He’s always been a pro at violating things like protocols / And reproducing other egotistical Neanderthals,” and “He expertly persuades his base that Mueller’s hunting for a witch / Instead of their own president who’s obviously Putin’s bitch.”

The song also includes one of his best lines ever: “And even though his brain is smaller than his tiny little penius / He is the very model of a very stable genius.”

Watch the brilliant parody below.

This latest parody follows on the back of his parody of All About That Bass, which was renamed to All About His Base. Y’know, the group of angry white men that Trump panders to with his bigoted rhetoric.

Just one of the killer lines from the song goes: “He’s bringing stupid back / He’s an unmanageable maniac / He likes the dummies who don’t give him flak / ‘Cause they’re his base and they’ll believe whatever comes out of that shithole on his face.”

Randy Rainbow has become incredibly popular online with his political parodies, having amassed over 164,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 808,000 likes on Facebook.

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