Ra’Jah O’Hara is here to make it clear about that Boom Clap lip-sync.

On last week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 6, the top five competitors – Eureka, Ginger Minj, Kylie Sonique Love, Ra’Jah O’Hara and Trinity K. Bonet – transformed themselves into magical characters inspired by the Drag Tots, with British pop icon Charli XCX making her debut on the judging panel.

Ra’Jah won her second maxi-challenge of the series, securing her place in the final four in the process, and went on to face lip-sync assassin Kameron Michaels in a smackdown to Charli’s 2014 hit Boom Clap.

Although Ra’Jah and Kameron are undeniably two of the most gag-worthy entertainers in herstory, the performance left viewers… whelmed. We all know why though, don’t we?

With one of the most acclaimed back catalogues of any pop star working today, fans were baffled as to why Charli classics such as Vroom Vroom, Unlock It, I Got It or No Angel (BASICALLY ANY OTHER SONG!) weren’t in contention for the lip-sync.

Boom Clap is a catchy bop and it provided Charli with some cute top 10 peaks around the world, but is it a lip-sync number?

This has probably been said by a million other people already but… you had Kameron Michaels and Ra’Jah O’Hara and you chose Boom Clap for the lip-sync song? Of all Charli XCX songs you could’ve used?” wrote one fan. 

Another tweeted: “Thinking of the epic lip-sync we could have seen tonight if production chose Vroom Vroom instead of Boom Clap for the lip-sync song.”


Following the release of the episode on Thursday (12 August), Ra’Jah refuted claims that she “threw” the lip-sync and allowed Kameron to win.

No I didn’t “throw” that lip sync, some songs we just don’t vibe with (no shade) and tbh I didn’t expect to win the challenge (self doubt) so I wasn’t fully prepared!” the star told her Twitter followers on Friday (13 August),

“Goes to show that you should never count yourself out and STAY READY!” 

After a viewer felt the need to tell Ra’Jah that Ginger Minj “made that terrible Sugar Walls song work” in the previous episode, she responded: “Good for her! You should stay in that place “humble viewer” and keep you commentary to those that can speak for the situation! But I’m just speaking as a “humble participant.””

Ra’Jah added: “The job was completing the assignment, I did that!

“I got the best grade (the win) in the class in fact! And to your point you can def go to work tomorrow and take off if you don’t feel the vibe, it called Sick days… PTO… don’t compare “us” cuz we aren’t the same!” 

Kameron also had a lot to say about the lip-sync.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, the season 10 alum said she felt “hurt, disgusted and devastated” by the “entire situation”.

She wrote: “Call me dramatic, I don’t give a fuck. Every girl looks forward to coming back and having their moment to shine. I feel cheated. And worst of all, I said yes and agreed to do it… which is something I have to deal with now and will take me a very long time to get over.

“If I could go back in time I never would have stepped foot on that stage. I know my worth and my talent and I feel like I was used for some quick cheap storyline.”

Kameron concluded her post: “And fuck that stupid song.”

On next week’s episode, the “game within a game” twist will finally be ruvealed, and the eliminated queens – Serena Cha Cha, Jiggly Caliente, Silky Nutmeg Ganache, Yara Sofia, Scarlet Envy, A’Keria C. Davenport, Jan, Pandora Boxx and Eureka – will ruturn to fight for a place in the competition.

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