Raja has unveiled the stunning, cinematic visual for her dark club anthem Moodbored.

The legendary performer shows off several breathtaking, Met Gala-worthy lewks as she passes through a dive bar, visits Judy Garland’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and embraces her inner Dark Willow to cast a spell.

When we spoke to the fashion icon – who memorably won the third season of RuPaul’s Drag Race back in 2011 – she said the track came “from a lack of inspiration” and that she was desperate to think of a new idea in “an age of copycats and imposters”.

“The repetition of scrolling through feeds became so normal. I missed the parts of life that are provocative and new again,” she explained. “My aim was to show an evolved Raja who has always had a defined point of view.

“To show my audience that growing and challenging yourself as an artist is important, to always set myself apart from the rest.”

Tyler Stone, the director – who previously helmed the incredible visual for Trinity the Tuck’s single The Face The Body -called Raja a “dream” and said the story originated from a time they got stoned together.

“We’re both Gemini’s born a couple days apart; so, we basically just mirrored what each other was saying with a “Yassssss bitch!” anytime either one of us made a suggestion,” he revealed. “It was kind of perfect actually.”

Raja agreed, saying the video was the “perfect collaborative effort”.

“Moodbored had gone through so many incarnations as we discussed and brainstormed our ideas. Mostly it was my connection to Tyler, his flow of ideas that never once questioned my flow,” she continued.

“We have a mutual love and understanding for things cinematic and magical. I suppose it all came together, through magic because once we decided to do it, it manifested itself. All of the details and people involved all came together so smoothly.”

Tyler added: “I didn’t really have any aim, other than releasing art that I knew was actually art. It’s very easy to get mixed up in the hodgepodge and I wanted us to stand out!”

Moodbored is now available on iTunes and streaming services – watch the incredible below.

Oh and because Raja isn’t letting us BREATHE, she’s shared with us an exclusive photo series, beautifully taken by Sequoia Emanuelle. We’re going to go out on a limb here and say it’s the best she’s ever looked.

Gag on Raja’s extravaganza below…

Photography and Art Direction Sequoia Emanuelle
Stylist Melvin Sanders
Hair Tony Medina
Makeup Roshar
Backdrops created by Londubh Studio
Hat Lory Sun
Jewels Bjorn Van Den Berg
Top (Picture 1) Amorphose
Top (Picture 6) Harry Halim
Gloves Majesty Black