Yaaas, queens!

In just a few months, the world has fallen head over heels for the Fab Five, a team of five loveable life coaches who star in Netflix’s reboot of the hit 90s reality series Queer Eye giving makeovers to straight (and not-so-straight) guys in the US.

So it’s no surprise that the streaming giant are rush-releasing a second season of the show, which is due out on 15 June, to capitalise on its crazy level of success – and with it, there’ll be a brand new theme song featuring LGBTQ ally Betty Who!

The Australian singer-songwriter has teamed up with the Fab Five to give the infectious opener, called All Things, a glamorous makeover that’s worthy of the show’s already-fabulous reputation.

Watch the colourful new music video below.

During an interview with Gay Times back in March, Queer Eye’s culture expert, Karamo Brown told us that on the second season of the show he wanted to see women and members of the trans community represented.

In the interview, Brown said: “If we get a second season, I’d want to immediately get women involved, and the trans community. Those are two things I’ve already sent to producers. All of the Fab Five have suggested it.”

And their wishes have been granted, as in an interview with Entertainment Weekly it was revealed that there would be episodes where they makeover a woman, and another where they makeover a transgender man.

The series will kick off with the female-centered episode as the Fab Five makeover school teacher and cancer survivor, Tammye. And in episode 5, they help out Skyler, a transgender man.

Speaking about the episode, Jonathan Van Ness (Grooming) said: “One of my closest friends is a trans man who is incredible. And a lot of my clients are trans women. So I am really hoping that we can do right by our trans brothers and sisters.

“[Skyler] is going through so much, so [it was important to be] gentle and respectful and not to be a queenie know-it-all dum-dum when you’re trying to be a loving person.”

Queer Eye season two will begin streaming on Netflix from 15 June.