If you’ve been fawning over Queer Eye chef Antoni Porowski, we’ve got some bad news…

The 33-year-old, who once worked as a personal chef for Queer Eye’s original food connoisseur Ted Allen, has received plenty of attention for his boyish good looks and easy-to-learn recipes on the Netflix reboot.

As part of the brand new Fab Five, who’ve been providing makeovers to both straight guys and not-so-straight guys around the United States, the professional foodie has taught us how to make everything from guacamole to hot dogs.

But for those of you wondering if the lovely Antoni is currently on the hunt for love, you’ll be sorely disappointed to know that he’s very much taken by art director Joey Krietemeyer.

The good news is that they’re totally adorable together, so we can at least be happy for him… right?

Check out some of their cutest photos below, and try not to get too jealous.