If you like your new music releases with a seriously funky bassline, then we’ve got the track for you.

Queer duo FHAT – consisting of Aaron and Sedric – have unleashed their new single Packin’ on the world, which comes with plenty of innocent innuendo.

“We were in London on a writing trip for FHAT,” the band explain. “It was our last session before flying back to Berlin with a new producer named Lully. A little something you need to know about us, is that no boys are safe in our presence. We will flirt, fondle and freak you until you love us!

“We love checking out boys for our own personal enjoyment but we also do it to be a bit political.”

We have lived in NYC, LA and now Berlin and we noticed how much men and boys objectify women by catcalling, touching, poking and being inappropriate so we like to give them a taste of their own medicine,” they added. “Thus came Packin’. Lully is a sexy quirky guy with a dark humour and as we began making the song, he really went there with us.”

While we do like to push the limit with boys, we also like to respect all peoples boundaries so we kept Packin’ very innocent and playful while still asking the question, what are you packin’? ‘Cause baby it’s really starting to show.’”

The duo are currently finishing up the accompanying music video, which will be heavily inspired by the 70s.

Packin’ follows FHAT’s previous tracks ONATD (One Night At The Disco) and Pleasure.

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