A return date is still unknown

According to TMZ, the upcoming season of American Crime Story starring Sarah Paulson has been put on hold due to an outbreak of COVID-19 on set.

It’s unknown how many of the crew and actors have tested positive for the deadly virus.

American Crime Story has been in production for over a month after previously being put on hold earlier this year due to the ongoing pandemic.

It’s still unknown as to when production on the series will start back up.

Season 3 of the anthology series will dramatise the events of the impeachment trial that took place following the infamous 1998 sex scandal between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

Paulson will follow-up her Emmy Award-winning role as Marcia Clark in the anthology drama’s first season, The People v. O.J. Simpson, as former white house employee Linda Tripp.

The whistleblower played a prominent role in the case; secretly recording Lewinsky’s phone calls and encouraging the former White House intern to document details of her relationship with the former U.S. president.

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, the American Horror Story favourite said the role requires “a lot of prosthetics and body transformational accoutrement.”

“I don’t know if I ever would have met Linda or if Linda would have even been open to doing anything like that,” she explained, “but I got as many text messages when she passed away as if I had died.”

Paulson continued: “It was weird because I have been spending so much time reading all these books and working with a dialect coach. I was immersed in this and it was a very wild thing. It really did make me sad.”

Check out the first look at Sarah Paulson as Linda Tripp below.