Drag Race queen Plastique Tiara has officially launched her bid for pop stardom.

The fan favourite has released her debut single Irresistible along with a suitably glamorous music video, which you can watch her first on Gay Times.

Plastique looks flawless throughout the polished visual, while also pulling out some tight choreo to her club-ready new song.

The video was directed by Assad Yacoub and was filmed in a huge mansion in Malibu, California.

The queen as opened up about what this single release means to her as a queer Asian performer, and her personal journey to this point.

“Growing up in Vietnam, being gay was considered shameful,” Plastique explains. “I spent many years hating myself for who I was. I was raised to be silent and to hide anything I was feeling on the inside that might be considered out of the norm. I lived in constant fear of disappointing my family and everyone I love.

“Being a drag entertainer is the first decision I made for myself and it has changed my life. Drag has allowed me to express myself artistically without censorship and it has allowed me to feel what it means to be free.”

Plastique adds: “I never saw someone on television that I could relate or look up to. Queer Asian representation is so important. I want to be that voice I didn’t have. I want to be the one to tell all the little Asian boys and girls out there that being the way they are is more than OK, it’s power…

“And I am proof. This irresistible queen is conquering the world. I’m a first-generation Vietnamese immigrant who has overcome hardships yet there’s no tarnish on my tiara. It is shining brighter than ever.”

Plastique’s new single Irresistible is available to stream and download now.

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