Shivum Sharma’s new single is a gorgeous slice of ethereal 70s-inspired soul.

It’s been six years since the release of his debut single Flicker, which has racked up over two million streams, and after some time away the South London singer-songwriter is back with a new track that’s perfect for the languid summer weather.

“Diamond is a tribute to the soft golden 70s soul I’ve grown up with. This music is sacred to me. Even when a song from this time is lamenting, it still makes you move. It is still so rich in sensuality and elegance,” he explains.

“Right now we’re all in a more vulnerable state than we’re used to, everyone deeply missing someone or something, and I feel like it’s left us more emotionally open. I really hope Diamond can bring people a taste of the summer in their city that they may be missing. Although it’s a sad song, it carries a lot of sun with it.”

Shivum takes inspiration from the “transcendent” listening experiences offered by female vocalists Minnie Riperton, Elizabeth Fraser, Erykah Badu and Anohni, and proudly queer artists like Blood Orange, Charm Mone, Raveena and Kindness.

His goal with his own music, he says, is to make the listener “feel simultaneously heartbroken and sexy” and encourage them to “cry and dance” at the same time.

“For me, the best kind of art is the type that throws you off – that overwhelms you with conflicting feelings you can’t easily explain,” he says. “I hope my music can have this kind of effect on people.”

Listen to Diamond below now, and on streaming services from 12 May.