Photography: Jordan Millington

Jodie Harsh’s incredible new video is an homage to her origins.

Directed by Love Bailey, the visual for Fascinating Light shows the legendary entertainer being built in a laboratory, before “sharing a moment of ecstasy” with fierce club-goers in a desert environment.

“She is man-made after all,” Jodie tells GAY TIMES. “Removing the wig at the end is kind of feeling comfortable in myself and showing that the look is all artificial.

“As a wise person once said, “You’re born naked and the rest is drag.” The subtext of it all is creation, celebration and destruction… but I’m not one to overindulge in pretentiousness.”

The video for the house anthem was shot in California, pre-COVID, at Love Bailey’s home in Savage Ranch, which Jodie calls a “hub for artists and queer creatives to stay and make amazing work.”

“It’s right in the middle of the desert, the scenery is beyond and we really wanted to get some of that nature in the video,” she adds. “Love Bailey is one of my favourite video directors so it was an exciting moment to be doing some creative stuff together.”

Although the video was filmed at the beginning of the year, Jodie chose to release it now because she’s a “big fan of spacing stuff out so there’s always some content on the go.”

Photography: Jordan Millington

Photography: Jordan Millington

Photography: Jordan Millington

She continues: “I really love just continuously making cool shit, whether that’s audio or visual. Making stuff just gives me a reason it get up in the morning, this year especially, and hopefully people enjoy seeing and hearing it.”

Fascinating Light is one of four tracks on Jodie’s critically-acclaimed debut EP, Beats N’ Pieces.

“I think people are digging the beats!” she says of its reception. “It’s still early on for me in terms of releasing my own tracks – my first track on my own label, Tuesday, came out one year ago almost to the day!

“Releasing happy dance music during a time when we’re all stuck at home is certainly an unusual thing but I think people will always need that lift whether they’re on a dance floor, at home doing the housework or in the gym.”

Fascinating Light is now available on iTunes and streaming services – watch the stunning music video below.

As well as focusing on her music career, Jodie has also launched a podcast titled Life of the Party, in which she speaks with iconic entertainers in the world of club culture about their experiences and how the dancefloor has shaped their careers.

So far, celebrity guests include Róisín Murphy, Fatboy Slim and Amy Lamé.

“It’s a really fun jaunt down memory lane with my favourite cultural figures about clubs and dance floors they’ve enjoyed over the years,” says Jodie.

“You get to learn quite a lot about someone by digging deep into their night tales. The best things happen after dark.”

You can listen to all three episodes of Life of the Party right now on Apple Music, as well as Beats N’ Pieces here or below.