The Vivienne is welcoming a brand new era of her artistry with her infectious new track.

Penned by Oscar-nominated singer-songwriter Diane Warren, Bitch On Heels is a brassy club-ready anthem in which the Drag Race UK winner warns listeners about the two different sides to her personality.

“Get me at the right time and I’ll be so sweet, I will rock your world, I’ll knock you off your feet,” the star sings over an electropop beat. “When you get my love baby, you’ll love the way it feels. But get me at the wrong time and I’m a bitch on heels.”

Warren is one of the most revered songwriters in the entertainment industry, having written for pop superstars such as Beyoncé, Cher, Christina Aguilera, Gloria Estefan, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Patti LaBelle and Whitney Houston.

She is the recipient of a Grammy and an Emmy, as well as two Golden Globes, and has been nominated for 12 Academy Awards. Let that sink in for a moment.

The Vivienne says it was “one of the most surreal moments” of her life when her publicist Simon Jones told her about the track and Warren’s involvement.

“I literally have Cher tattooed on my body and I’m a massive Aerosmith fan! They sent the demo and I fell in love with it,” she tells GAY TIMES. “There was a period of time waiting to see if Diane loved it or not, and then she messaged me on Instagram to say she did. I think it’s my favourite song so far that I’ve done.”

The entertainer called Bitch On Heels a “cleverly written song” that accurately describes the fierce personality that viewers fell in love with when she conquered the first season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK in 2019.

“I’m nice as pie when I need to be, but if I need to be, I can be a bitch on heels! It’s the first song I’ve done where it feels more draggy. I never wanted my music to be singing about wigs or makeup or ‘Yaas queen!'” she admits.

“With my music, I liked if someone listened to it and didn’t necessarily think it was a drag queen song, but this one feels more that. I can see myself singing it on the road and it relates more to drag than the other music I’ve done.”

The Vivienne jokes that she will use her newfound connection with Warren to get closer to Cher, saying she will be “best friends” with the pop icon this time next year. Cher featuring The Vivienne – we see it! We’re manifesting!

Bitch On Heels follows in the footsteps of Tonight and her contemporary take on Dead or Alive’s signature 80s anthem, You Spin Me Round (Like a Record).

The track is now available to stream – listen here on Apple Music. You can also watch an exclusive new preview of the upcoming music video below.