Boy Untitled and GESS have unveiled the music video for Imposter.

The track is one of the most vulnerable offerings to date for both performers, as they tackle their feelings of “imposter syndrome, self-doubt and loneliness” over atmospheric dance beats.

In the mesmerizing visual, Boy Untitled and GESS capture their – in the words of the latter – “rollercoaster of conflicting emotions” with a dark blue overlay, before concluding with more hopeful orange and white tones.

“When it came time to film the video, I realized that it was also about being vulnerable and honest as an artist: a theme that I consider to be the mission at the heart of my music,” Boy Untitled tells GAY TIMES.

“For so long, I kept my imposter syndrome a secret, because I thought that sharing it was a sign of weakness to the people that I wanted to work with. But GESS immediately encouraged me to put those fears down and express something that so many of us feel.

“In doing so, I felt our friendship and creative connection grow even more deeply. I think there is an incredibly important lesson there. Where fear would tell us to stay quiet and small for danger of being alone, vulnerability – while terrifying – actually allows us to connect.”

Boy Untitled continued to explain that his feelings of “isolation and separation have led to the formation of an incredible community of artists,” and that he’s thankful for those who assisted in the video’s creation.

GESS says: “As creative people, I think imposter syndrome is something we all struggle with at some point. Questioning if all your great work has been a fluke and everyone’s going to find out is a part of my daily existence!

“From the set design and lighting to creative direction and most importantly Boy Untitled’s performance, the entire crew came together to embody this feeling.  I feel each scene captures a different emotion that comes with battling imposter syndrome.

“Dark pensive and blue moves into creative, hopeful orange ending in a confronting and sterile white abyss. It’s a huge honour to create with friends and queers and I’m just happy I could play a part in bringing this whole project to life.”

Imposter will be included on Boy Untitled’s upcoming project, Zenith, and is now available on all streaming services – watch the music video here or below. 

Art Director/Director: Felipe Nogueria
Co-Director: Andrew Coconato
Producer: Mark Tennyson
DP: Thomas Hubbel
Set/Graphic Design: Simón Malvaez
Editor: Eddie Gessford
Stylist: Chaise Dennis
Hair: Jordan Masuret
Set Builder: Brenden Darby
Grip: Michael Tellup
Titles: Beatriz Diogo
Production Support: Jesse Crame and Sean Massich
Special thanks to: Ryan Wehner and Lin Wilde