Indya Moore is having an incredibly busy year.

Pose star Indya Moore has been announced as one of the faces for Louis Vuitton’s latest campaign, which is celebrating the female identity. Other celebrities involved with the project include Michelle Williams, Thandie Newton and Chlöe Grace Moretz.

Nicolas Ghesquière, Louis Vuitton’s chief designer said: “These women embrace the various personalities that embody fashion at Louis Vuitton.

“Be they stars or new faces, all of them share the same willpower, and confidence in their choices, and at the same time, reflect the eclecticism of the female identity.”

Particular praise has been given to the new campaign for including Indya Moore. Actress and trans activist, Janet Mock wrote on Twitter: “Louis Vuitton did the smart thing and gave this beauty a campaign.”

Moore herself did not publicly comment, however she did share the news on her Twitter, writing: “I’ma just leave this here and walk away. Bye twitter.”

Moore made headlines earlier this year when she came out as poly, writing on Twitter: “So, I realized i’m poly.” She finished the post with a crying face emoji and a shrugging emoji. Many fans of hers supported her, and shared that they identified as poly as well.

And following the announcement that the Trump administration had plans to legally erase transgender people, Moore was one of the many celebrities who responded to the announcement.

Speaking at a protest rally held by Voices4 in New York City, she gave a rousing call to arms against the bigotry the trans community faces from the current administration.

“There is a spiritual war. It attacks our hearts, our souls and most importantly our bodies,” she said. “We are at the mercy of someone’s political opinion and that is not okay.