We are truly gagged.

Peppermint has just spilt some major T about Drag Race’s first ever lip sync showdown for the crown.

The legendary performer recently sat down with Johnny McGovern for the latest instalment of Look at Huh, and revealed that she and her season nine sister Trinity the Tuck made a pact so one of them could advance to the final two.

Peppermint explained: “Trinity was like, ‘Look, we have to be strategic about this.

“‘If they spin that wheel, let’s make a deal. If it lands on you, you have to choose me. If it lands on me, I will choose you because out of the four of us, we have to eliminate one of us two before we get to the last one, the final.

“‘They want to see Shea [Coulee] and Sasha [Velour] lip sync against each other and they can’t do that in the finale if I pick Sasha or Shea because they’ll eliminate me no matter what.'”


Peppermint ultimately chose to lip sync against Trinity to the tune of Britney Spears’ empowering pop anthem Stronger, and eventually triumphed after serving two incredible ruveals. She went on to compete against Sasha, and lost.

“Trinity says if they had picked her, they would’ve eliminated her so that Sasha and Shea could lip sync against each other in the final,” Peppermint continued. “So it was very strategic and I think she was right.

“We went against each other so they would go against each other in the semi-final so that one of us would have a chance.”

Peppermint went on to say that she was proud of Sasha for winning because they were “kindred spirits” during their season, and admitted to having no idea about the now-iconic rose petal extravaganza stunt during her lip sync against Shea.

Watch Peppermint spill all the T below.