Peppermint has shown her support for Trinity the Tuck after Drag Race trolls began telling the All Stars 7 finalist “how much talent” she has.

Jinkx Monsoon was crowned the “Queen of All Queens” during the finale of the first-ever all-winners season on 29 July.

Shortly after the finale, Trinity tweeted her support for the season five star: “I’ve already congratulated Jinkx! Also huge congrats to our wise one Raja! To all my sisters I love you! This was truly and experience with y’all! You all blew my mind every week and all were deserving to win!”

Trinity also praised her “twinner” Monét X Change, who she won All Stars 4 with.

“To my twinner I seriously thought u had it in the bag!” she wrote. “I was rooting for you harder than I was for myself! You are so talented and fuck what anyone else says! Already now for Taco Bell…”

A fan responded to the tweets by asking what the queens thought of Jinkx’s legendary Snatch Game as they experienced it live during filming.

The season nine finalist wrote back: “Jinkx is incredible! She was incredible the entire season.. so was every other girl there as well!”

However, she was swiftly met with one troll who stated: “When it comes to actual talent she is easily the best.”

“And that’s your opinion,” Trinity said back. “Each of the cast have multitudes of talents and each girl has strengths that the others don’t. I think Jinkx is incredible but I think all the girls are on the same level just in different areas.”

The viewer took just five minutes to send another message: “No not quite Trinity. She is head & shoulders above when it comes to actual talent. And I admire most of the other drag queens. It was a very good season. Thank you for replying x.”

Trinity swiftly reiterated her previous point: “Again YOUR opinion.”

Peppermint, who has previously competed and performed alongside Trinity, replied to the thread to support her sister.

She said: “Girl these people actually coming to your page to to tell you how much talent you have on a TV show that they tune in to see every single week LOL.”

“Ain’t it a laugh, love u sister!” Trinity wrote back.

All Stars 7 is streaming now on WOW Presents Plus.