“God Control was fucked up, it was horrible.”

Parkland survivor and advocate for gun control Emma Gonzalez has hit out at Madonna’s new music video for God Control. It comes after many survivors of the Pulse nightclub massacre branded the video as “insensitive”.

The Jonas Åkerlund-directed clip focuses on a mass shooting at a club, and even comes with a warning at the start that the video is “very disturbing” and shows “graphic scenes of gun violence” – so don’t watch if you’re affected by such imagery.

In a series of tweets, Gonzalez, a survivor of a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida in which a gunman opened fire killing 17 people, blasted the video as “fucked up” and “horrible”.

She went onto tweet: “She should have sent out a message warning what her new video contained, ESPECIALLY to the Pulse Victims, ESPECIALLY as it was released Just After the Anniversary on June 12th.

“This is NOT the correct way to talk about gun violence, unlike how many fans have been exclaiming — people who have been working in the GVP community know how to talk about gun violence, not most celebrities #GodControl.” (GVP stands for gun violence prevention).

This comes after one of the Pulse survivors, Brandon Wolf said: “What I don’t appreciate and the questions I have center around the timing and around her not involving the Pulse community in this conversation. She didn’t acknowledge that it was Pulse that inspired this video, and she didn’t acknowledge the 49 people who died for this artistic inspiration.”

Emma Gonzalez actually appears on Madonna’s new album Madame X. One of her speeches is sampled in the song I Rise.