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The 2020 Toyko Paralympics have come to an end. In a year of uncertainty, the Games have allowed athletes and countries to showcase solidarity with one another, through the shared love of sports.

This year, the Games embodied this uplifting ethos and more. Without knowing it, the current Games were revolutionary in the field of LGBTQ+ representation and queer success. For the first time, we saw a record number of out athletes compete in the Games and take home a staggering number of medals. Team LGBTQ+, a sporting category dedicated to queer Olympic and Paralympic athletes, has had an incredible run, bringing home over 50 medals in total, 25 of which have come from paralympians — this impressive number leaves Team LGBTQ+ in 15th place, ahead of Spain, Hungary and Poland.

The Paralympic Games has given way to historic firsts in the sporting event. The Aussie’s paved the way in wins with non-binary athletes. Australia’s Robyn Lambird became the first publicly out non-binary athlete to win a medal. Lambird’s big win came in the women’s track & field event where they won a bronze medal. Similarly, Maz Strong has become the Games’ second non-binary competitor to win big in the Paralympics — the athlete won a bronze medal in the seated shot even for Australia. While Great Britain’s Lee Pearson won three gold medals for para dressage, breaking his track record for Paralympic gold medal wins, which now stands at 12. You can read our count of all the athletes that have won a medal during the 2020 Games below.


Maz Strong, track and field – seated shot put – bronze

Robyn Lambird, track & field – women’s 100m – bronze


Alana Maldonado, judo – gold

Debora Menezes, taekwondo – silver

Mari Gesteira, siwmming – bronze


Kate O’Brien, cycling – silver

Great Britain

Crystal Lane-Wright, C4-5 road race cycling – silver

Crystal Lane-Wright, C5 cycling – silver

Crystal Lane-Wright, cycling – silver

Emma Wiggs, rowing – gold

Emma Wiggs, rowing – silver

Lauren Rowles, rowing – gold

Lee Pearson, equestrian – para dressage – gold

Lee Pearson, equestrian – para dressage (Team Test) – gold

Lee Pearson, equestrian – para dressage – gold

Lucy Shuker, wheelchair tennis – silver


Katie Dunley, road race cycling – gold

Katie Dunley, cycling – gold

Katie Dunlevy, cycling (Women’s B 3000m Individual Pursuit) – silver


Moran Samuel, rowing – silver


Bo Kramer, wheelchair basketball – gold

United States

Asya Miller, goalball – silver

Courtney Ryan and Kaitlyn Eaton, wheelchair basketball – bronze

Hailey Danz, triathlon – silver

Monique Matthews, sitting volleyball – gold