Calvin Klein / Ryan McGinley

Calvin Klein have unveiled their new stunning Pride campaign.

Although Pride events around the world have been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, the inclusive brand are continuing to celebrate the “self-expression and the full spectrum of LGBTQ+ identities.”

The new line-up for #PROUDINMYCALVINS includes the following queer entertainers and activists: Ama Elsesser, Chella Man, Gia Woods, Jari Jones, MaryV, Mina Gerges, Pabllo Vittar, Reece King and Tommy Dorfman.

“The theme of the campaign is taking pride in everything that makes you unique,” photographer Ryan McGinley said in a statement. “We wanted to make sure that the entire community feels represented, included and celebrated.”

Vittar – who previously worked with Calvin Klein Brazil – makes history as the first drag queen to be shot for one of their global campaigns. “I feel so honored to work with an amazing artist, who respects me and makes me feel confident,” she said.

“I’m so happy because it’s a win for the community, I hope that other girls and other boys are inspired by this and to believe in their dreams and never forget because bitch, I’m here! A global campaign!”

McGinley added: “My goal is always to create honest photos that connect to the viewer on a human level and show the subject’s power and vulnerability as human beings This mix is perhaps my most core value as an artist.”

McGinley also dived into their backstories of each model in several short videos, which you can view below.

Ama Elsesser

Chella Man

Gia Woods

Jari Jones


Mina Gerges

Pabllo Vittar

Reece King

Tommy Dorfman