We were ROBBED of seeing this!

Since her (untimely) exit on week two of All Stars 5, Ongina has been sharing her planned runways for each week of the competition (slaying us all in the process). And this week certainly is no different.

While we didn’t get a glimpse of the outfit that she would’ve worn for her stand-up comedy set, we did get her runway for the Freak Out runway, and if you read our title before clicking on this article, you can already guess our reaction to this.

While many of the queens went with a club kid feel, with a whole multitude of zany colours, only Miz Cracker went with a spooky theme with her plague doctor/steampunk/post-apocalypse look.

But had Ongina survived up to that point, she also would’ve gone with a horror-inspired look, coming out as an imp, while also carrying her own severed head.

In the words of her All Stars 5 sister, Alexis Mateo, “Sickening, no?”

“•HOW’S YOUR HEADS?• NEVER A COMPLAINT!” she captioned her post.




The lewks earned universal praise from other queens and fans, with Drag Race UK star Blu Hydrangea writing: “Gurllll, you really went in on these runways!!!!!!”

Season 4 star Jiggly Caliente wrote: “Ok… that’s twisted.” And Drag Race Canada star BOA, said: “WHATTTTT” with a heart eyes emoji.

Another fan added: “I will forever be heartbroken over the fact that you couldn’t show your amazing looks on the runway.”

When we spoke to Ongina after her elimination, she admitted that her All Stars experience was a “little different” than what she had imagined, but is proud of herself for sashaying back into the werkroom and showcasing her growth.

“I’m a little disappointed for leaving so soon, but so happy you all got to see my culture, my glow-up, my sexy raspy singing voice… I’m happy I got to show you who I am as a person,” she explained.

When asked what else we could’ve expected from her this season, Ongina revealed: “To win the design challenge! We all know that I think I am an interior design expert. I would have been able to show you more amazing looks.

“You would have seen more of my chismosa self because I love getting that juicy tea!”

You can read GAY TIMES’ full interview with Ongina here.

Next week, the top three will write, record and perform a new verse for RuPaul’s new single, Clap Back, and one queen will join Chad Michaels, Alaska, Trixie Mattel, Monét X Change and Trinity the Tuck in the Drag Race Hall of Fame.

The seven eliminated queens will also ruturn to spill the T on the dramatic events of the season, including Ongina and Mayhem’s self-eliminations and the feud between Alexis Mateo and India Ferrah.

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