Cher is desperately trying to secure a volunteer position at the post office, but no one is taking her.

The Oscar, Emmy and Grammy-winning icon, who is known for her politically active presence on social media, as well as her disdain for Donald Trump and his administration, expressed interest in helping the Postal Service in a series of tweets on Wednesday.

Trump has refused to provide financial aid to the USPS, despite their immerse surge in postal ballots for this year’s upcoming presidential election. It’s highly likely that voters will refrain from attending polling stations due to concerns over contracting the coronavirus.

“No, I’m [not] kidding… could I volunteer at my post office?” she asked her followers. “Is no one going to help me with post office?”

Cher later added: “Ok, called 2 post offices in Malibu. They were polite. I said, ‘Hi, this is Cher and I would like to know if you ever take volunteers!?’ Lady said she didn’t know and gave me # of supervisor. I called and said, ‘Hi this is Cher do you accept volunteers?’ ‘No, need fingerprints and background check.'”

In her final post office-related tweet, Cher once again hit out at Trump and the current status of the US postal system.

“Said Trump’ll strangle our democracy if he thinks it’ll get him a 2nd term,” she wrote. “Look at [100%] of mail boxes ripped out of the concrete and thrown into dumps. Sorting machines torn apart. Only Wall Mart employs more people. Many vets work there. Many older people will die without meds from PO.”

When CNN contacted the USPS about Cher’s tweets, a spokesperson for the agency said they do not accept volunteers. “But there are many opportunities for employment at the Postal Service, including seasonal hiring,” they said.

Check out Cher’s tweets below.