Nicki Minaj femme-shames Young Thug and uses the anti-gay term ‘sissies’. 

American rapper Nicki Minaj released her highly-anticipated fourth studio album Queen last Friday after several delays, and while it’s obliterated records, it’s been criticised for its “homophobic” and “femmephobic” lyrics.

On the widely-acclaimed track, Barbie Dreams – which will serve as the third single from the record – the 35-year-old performer femme-shames fellow rapper Young Thug for wearing dresses.

She raps: “Used to fuck with Young Thug / I ain’t addressing this shit / caught him in my dressing room / stealing dresses and shit / I used to give this ni**a with a lisp testers and shit / how you want the pu-thy? / can’t say s’s and shit.”

And on Majesty, featuring Eminem and Labinth, Nicki raps: “Who want it with Nicki now? / I smoke ‘em like hippies now / they see me say ‘Yippie’ now / home runnin’ like Griffey now / they switchin’ like sissies now / you n***as is iffy now.”

The lyric references her 2008 track, Dead Wrong, where she states: “First they love you / then they switch / yeah, they switch like faggots / that’s why I keep the llamas in Gabbana’s fabrics.”

Understandably, fans on social media were disappointed with Nicki’s use of language.

“You have fans across the world who are lgbtq and who are persecuted for being themselves,” one tweeted. “And on your platform you use homophobic language? When queer folks are the ones on here defending you the hardest?”

See below:

Upon release, Queen charted at number one in 85 countries on iTunes. It is predicted to debut at #2 on the Billboard 200.

The album features the Billboard top 10 single, Chun-Li, and Bed featuring Ariana Grande, which has charted in the top 20 of the UK Singles Chart.

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