“Expect the unexpectable” – Jasmine Masters.

LORDT, we don’t know about you, but we are still recovering from the latest episode of Drag Race All Stars (we only just watched it, but still).

The episode, which saw the queens pay tribute to Lady Bunny by roasting her for mothertucking filth, revealed the biggest twist in the show’s ten year HERstory.

After the top two queens of the week, Manila Luzon (who earned her third consecutive win) and Monét X Change, lip-synced for their legacy, RuPaul announced that All Star rules were to be ‘suspended’ until further notice.

The queens then sashayed back into the werk room and noticed an ominous message from Mama Ru on the mirror, which read, “Get ready to lip sync for your life, life, life.”

The eliminated competitors – Latrice Royale, Gia Gunn, Farrah Moan and Jasmine Masters – then popped up behind them, ready to ru-turn for their ru-venge.

Next week’s preview teases the drama between the queens and the ones who sent them packin’, and the highly-anticipated lip-sync showdown.

Latrice tells Monique she was “disingenuous” and Trinity comes into conflict with Gia (again), while Farrah and Valentina have another dramatic altercation.

RuPaul also makes another bold statement: “For the first time in Drag Race HERstory, everything is gonna change forever.”

What’s that word? Gagged? Yeah, that’s one. Watch the preview below.

The fifth episode of Drag Race All Stars 4 is available to stream on NOW TV.

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