Rugby and diversity might not be getting the best name right now following Israel Folau’s anti-gay comments.

However, New Zealand’s All Blacks and their women’s division, the Black Ferns are already rebuilding the bridges.

In a new video, called Diversity is Strength, which has been produced by the team’s sponsor, insurance company AIG, both divisions are seen about to play in a match at the 2020 Rugby World Cup.

As forms of rainbow imagery appear, the teams make their way to the locker rooms, where a voiceover says: “They knock down every barrier.

“They overwhelm every foe, no matter how powerful. Through strength, through teamwork, through diversity.

“They fight as one, but that one is made from everyone.”

The voiceover continues, saying: “Because the next battle is different. The next enemy is truly formidable, and deeply devious.

“It is discrimination, an enemy that cannot be fought alone, it must be defeated together.

“It will take more than 15, it will take thousands, millions.”

At this point in the video, the players put their hands to their chests, before stretching their jerseys to show off the rainbow colours.

“And now AIG has combined all the colours of the rainbow to create a united black,” the voiceover continues.

As jets fly overhead spraying out the rainbow colours, one player says: “Diversity is strength.” Another then says: “Join our team.”

The jerseys are able to show off the rainbow colour because of how the stripes have been painted on both sides of the ribbed material. This means that when the fabric is stretched, the colours are revealed.

Watch the video below.

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