Earlier this week Netflix announced that drag queen Alyssa Edwards would be getting her own Netflix show.

The show will be called Dancing Queen and is set to premiere on Netflix on 5 October. Described as a “hilarious and heartfelt” journey, the brand new series will see Justin attempt to juggle his careers as a dance coach and a world-famous drag queen, as well as finding time for his family and his own love life.

However, not long after the announcement bigots and trolls started targeting the show for all the usual reasons. And Netflix was having none of it.

When one shared a meme, commenting: “This violated me eyes,” Netflix clapped back saying: “Maybe it’s time for annual optometrist appointment?”

Another person commented: “God help you, Netflix” and they quickly responded with: “Thanks for keeping me in your prayers.”

Further posts said: “more proof that netflix is off it’s rocker,” and Netflix quickly fired back: “we’re pretty secure on our rocker, just kickin’ back and relaxing with an iced tea.”

There were some supportive comments, with one thanking Netflix saying, saying: “Yass Netflix, shante you stay!” And Netflix responded in turn with a gif of Alyssa Edwards.

One person was so happy with the responses they posted: “Keeping my Netflix simply bc the way they are clapping back on these comments!”

And Netflix isn’t the only company to hit back at homophobes. Earlier this year, Virgin trains unveiled some rainbow trains for its Pride celebrations, but predictably some people were left fuming.

One person wrote: “All style over substance, you are a transport company not Amnesty International.”

But an admin, identified as KM, was swift to respond with: “We don’t have to be a charity to be decent human beings David. We support numerous initiatives including CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) which tackles male suicides, one of the biggest issues we face as a transport company.

“We also have a large and diverse workforce and it’s important we continue to represent those who society has historically let down.”