If Earth is really cancelled, have no fear, Naomi Smalls has created a new world where we can all escape to and release our pain through music, art and dance.

In the first part of her critically-acclaimed debut solo show, THE SMALLS WORLD SHOW, the global drag superstar, model and bonafide fashion icon reclaimed her narrative with a one-of-a-kind virtual extravaganza that invited viewers into the Naomi Smalls multiverse.

Through high-fashion ensembles, captivating lip-sync performances and a heartfelt message from her mother, Naomi took viewers on an ethereal and emotional journey to tell the story of her origins.

Now, the star is taking us on an “intergalactic voyage through space, time and emotional catharsis” in THE SMALLS WORLD SHOW EXPERIENCE 2.0, which is now available to stream at NaomiSmallsDuh.com.

Like its predecessor, THE SMALLS WORLD SHOW EXPERIENCE 2.0 will feature lip-sync tributes to songs from some of Naomi’s favourite artists, such as Frontline by Kelela, Forever by Charli XCX, Stay Flo and Way to the Show by Solange, and Curiosity by NAO.

Naomi’s season eight sister and RuPaul’s Drag Race: Vegas Revue co-star Derrick Barry also makes an appearance, while Naomi delivers a sequel to her legendary Snatch Game impersonation of Wendy Williams on All Stars 4.

In a GAY TIMES exclusive, Naomi breaks down three of the numbers from the show.

Frontline by Kelela

“During this uncertain time on earth it’s easy to live in your head. Not used to having so much time at home, and in my environment I find myself daydreaming a lot. When alone, home, and out of the constant stage mode it’s only natural to process what has been put to the side. “Frontline” is a number all about closure. I do have habits, and one habit is avoiding real emotion, dodging the truth, and prioritising distraction over reality. The thought of opening up to friends, family, and an audience about the loss of love or rejection has always been terrifying. I don’t always feel comfortable burdening others with my emotional warfare.”

Forever by Charli XCX

“Love is a feeling I have been lucky enough to feel multiple times in multiple ways. The love I have for family and friends is different than those I’ve had butterflies over. Unfortunately the life expectancy of butterflies has a limit in some cases. Ignoring heartbreak can only last so long, and Forever recognises just that. Tapping back into the gut reaction to push feelings to the side, you have to come to terms with your participation in the separation. I blame myself for my partings with love, which is a new realisation. It’s much easier to put up a shield if it wasn’t meant to be it wasn’t meant to be, but it’s not always that easy. The intimacy two people share when in love may be temporary but their effect on your psyche will last Forever. This number is a new journey for me. Love has always taken a backseat for the Naomi brand, but I’m realising how much love has affected my work and mental health. I hope Forever lets everyone know that even when you’re not connected with your loved one (past or present), it’s natural to hold on to that emotion, and never want to let go.”

Curiosity by NAO

“I’d be lying if I said this number is new to me. Curiosity was a number seen on the Werq the World 2019 tour. A show that travels through space meeting queens and sirens capable of superpowers and saving the universe. Curiosity holds a special place in my heart, reminds me of the innocence and spell I was under just a year ago. Stepping onto stage every night with Filip Lacina to entertain an audience by being in synch, mysterious, and dramatic. Curiosity is the first number that showed me how impactful a performance can be when studied like the back of your hand. The Smalls World Experience 2.0 travels through space, and time. Time is something we can’t get back but does not mean should be forgotten. This performance pays homage to a really exciting time in my life full of love, laughs, and self discovery.”

Watch the trailer for THE SMALLS WORLD EXPERIENCE 2.0 below.