“Aquaria is a cocky little bastard, isn’t she, girl?”

It’s almost time for Drag Race’s Cher-centric episode huuunties!

In the eighth instalment of season 10, each queen is tasked with impersonating the Goddess of Pop (Chad Michaels ha impact!) in one of her legendary eras for a live, singing, dancing extravaganza.

Their roles are as follows: 60s Cher (Kameron Michaels), 70s Cher (Monét X Change and The Vixen), Disco Cher (Aquaria), Movie Star Cher (Asia), Rock Star Cher (Eureka O’Hara) and Comeback Cher (Miz Cracker).

Aquaria, hot off her Snatch Game win, confidently tells RuPaul: “This challenge I’m really excited for because I’ve got a Cher that is singing in a range that I’m familiar with. There’s like, a warm five notes that I can hit pretty well. And these are most of them.”

When she previews her performance to Mama Ru, Monét X Change and Miz Cracker cast their doubts over her singing ability.

“Aquaria seems really confident about her singing ability. She is clearly not listening to herself sing!” says Monét.

She adds: “Aquaria is a cocky little bastard, isn’t she, girl? She really didn’t sound that great, so she’s really delusional. But she feels like her walkthrough went amazing, and in her mind, Aquaria has won this challenge, so we’ll see how that all plays out on the runway tomorrow.”

Ooh honey! Will Aquaria prove them wrong and snatch her second consecutive win? We can’t wait to see how this plays out…

Watch the preview below:

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