Modern Family star Julie Bowen revealed that she once had romantic feelings for a woman.

On the latest episode of her podcast Quitters, the Emmy-winner revealed the news when discussing labels and the societal pressure to come out.

“The idea that we lead with, ‘So, how do you identify?” and immediately you get into what you do in the bedroom,” she told Bachelor star Becca Tilley – who is currently dating pop singer Hayley Kiyoko.

“I was in love with a woman for a while, but she did not love me back. She liked women, but she did not like me in that way. But it never really took off, so I never really had to challenge my concept of my sexuality.”

Bowen then expressed her hopes for a world where people “don’t always have to come out.”

“What you do with your body should not be the first thing we know about people or care about – that’s your business,” she added.

In response, Tilley echoed similar sentiments and used her relationship with Kiyoko as an example.


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“Hayley and I met and we just have this instant connection. I fell in love with her so fast that I never went into this like, ‘What does it mean? What is my label?’ For me, I’m just attracted to people,” she explained.

“I don’t have an issue with coming out, but I hope that one day people don’t have to come out. It causes a lot of stress, and weight added, and life is already really hard. Falling in love should just be a natural and beautiful thing that people don’t have to explain to anybody.”

Back in May, Tilley and Kiyoko made headlines when the two confirmed their long-term relationship in the latter’s music video for her track For The Girls.

After the video’s release, the two lovebirds took to social media to confirm their romantic relationship.

“Hard to say if this is a hard or soft launch, but it is a launch,” Tilley wrote alongside a compilation video of the two.

In an additional post, Kiyoko wrote: “This photo is from the first night we met at my Expectations album release party, we took this picture after 5 minutes. Her shirt said ‘no time for romance’….. it’s been 4 years. I guess she had some time.”

You can listen to Bowen and Tilley’s full conversation here.